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Wine glass that emphasizes visual effects

Update:04 May 2018

The tall glass, many people have this type of cup, it i […]

The tall glass, many people have this type of cup, it is generally suitable for crystal clear champagne, then for beer, its narrow and long shape can ensure that the foam that the beer stimulates disappears not too fast, and for The bubble's surging performance is good, and if the beer is clear and bright, it will look very good. It is a kind of wine glass that emphasizes visual effects. At the same time, the tall design is very elegant, and it is easy for the beer to keep the temperature in the cup. It is suitable for many Kind of beer to use.

The usual American-style lighter beer, French light beer, German beer under fermentation, and Pearson beer from the Czech Republic are all suitable for use in this glass because they are generally golden in color, as well as Belgian fruits. Faro, Gueuze, Flanders Red Ale, Germany's dark beer (Dunkel, Schwarzbier), seasonal Weizenbock, cold beer (Eisbock) And so on, whatever the color of the wine itself, but the basics have been sterilized and become thorough, this is suitable for the use of flute-shaped glasses.

The holy grail has a large opening, a shallow depth, a wide flat bottom, and a thick cup. Then there is a slender cup neck underneath. It looks very majestic. The shape of the cup was used to hold holy water. Some people call it the "Flame Cup". There are also many Holy Grail hats that have a metal band around the mouth of the cup. The sound is very nice when you clink. Cups such as the Holy Grail have a strong emphasis on the performance of foam, so generally can have a two-finger wide foam beer to use the Holy Grail, this wide-mouth shallow cup is also conducive to more bubbles in the liquid Generated to supplement the thickness of the foam layer, slowing the rate at which the foam disappears.

There are not many types of holy grails, but they are basically good beer types, such as Belgium's Trappist, Abbey Beer, Strong Ale, and Strong Dark Ale. ), Dubbel, Tripel, and Berlin wheat beer from Germany are all suitable for this type of cup.


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