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What kind of wine should be chosen for drinking

Update:02 Jan 2018

A beer glass is a big glass with a handle. Why, first o […]

A beer glass is a big glass with a handle. Why, first of all, beer must not drink a small cup and drink. Because the cup is big, you have to have a handle.
In addition to the classic wine cup, there are many different wines in different wines. Because of its different features.
The Champagne Cup itself is small, because the champagne is a foamed wine with gas.
The small opening is to let the gas do not run away very quickly.
But the brandy cup thought, the cup foot low cup big. The brandy cups are all attached to the cup wall with the palm of your hand.
This is the common habit of drinking brandy, because with the temperature of the palm of the palm, it makes the brandy become more flavour.
The wine glass is glass, and the transparency of the glass is good.
Why does the wine have to look at the color, the good wine glass can make the wine crystal clear.
There is also a good shake the Goblet of wine, red wine, sometimes to let down a cup of wine better contact with air release wine.
So better use of opaque porcelain liquor .
Why, one is the grade of liquor and the occasion, two is for the general people, liquor can not be drinking.
This opaque glass can give people a hint of the nature of the match. It won't be as embarrassing as a glass.
Now the popular cocktail bar, wine is wine.
A type of wine suitable for fine tasting.
The wine is drinking in order to adapt to the environment, so it is like cocktail cocktail. Without the use of mechanical proportions, the Barbara's display of talent shows the absolute confidence and fastidious pursuit of the taste of his own taste.


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