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The type of wine glass

Update:19 Sep 2017

   1.Burgundy Cup Burgundy cups are big, suitable for b […]

   1.Burgundy Cup
Burgundy cups are big, suitable for burgundy wine, but also for other white wines or newly brewed red wines. Inclined inner cup design helps to gather wine.
   2.Bordeaux Cup
   Bordeaux Cup is the most common cup type in the market, was tulip type, suitable for tasting full of wine, rich flavor of the Bordeaux type of wine. Unlike the Burgundy Cup, the Bordeaux cup is slightly narrower, and the wider cups can make the wine enjoy in your mouth.
   3.White wine glass
   White wines usually need to be consumed at lower temperatures, usually with smaller, open cups that keep white wines out of freezing and effectively accumulate aromas.
   4.Champagne Cup
   Champagne cups are usually tulip champagne cups and champagne flute cups. Slender tulip-style goblets like a slender tulip, more by the female favorite, slender cup body is to make the bubble has enough room to rise. The standard champagne cup has a sharp pits at the bottom of the cup, and this little design makes the bubbles richer and more beautiful. The champagne flute cups slender, elegant shape, is the ideal glass tasting champagne.
   If you only want to drink, drink a drink, then you drink a cup of wine to drink wine does not matter; if you want to tasting, record the aroma, in the wine to get more happiness, the above knowledge of the wine cup is essential .


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