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The top ten defects and phenomena of glass bottles

Update:23 Aug 2017

(1) cracks are the most common drawbacks of glass bottl […]

(1) cracks are the most common drawbacks of glass bottles. It may be very fine, some only in the reflected light can be found. Often produced parts of the bottle, bottlenecks and shoulders, bottoms and bottoms are often produced at the bottom of the crack.
(2) uneven thickness This refers to the glass on the glass distribution is uneven. Mainly the glass droplet temperature is not uniform, the high temperature part of the viscosity is small, easy to blow thin; part of the low temperature resistance, thicker. Model temperature is not uniform, the high side of the glass cooling slow, easy to blow thin, low temperature side, because the glass cooling and blowing thick.
(3) deformation of the material drop temperature and the role of the temperature is too high, from the mold out of the bottle has not yet fully shaped, often fall deformation. Sometimes the bottom of the bottle is still soft will be printed on the conveyor belt marks the bottom of the uneven.
(4) Unsaturated droplet temperature is too low or the model is too cold will make the mouth, shoulder, etc. blowing is not full, resulting in gaps, deflated shoulder and pattern is not clear and other defects.
(5) cold spot on the surface of the glass is not smooth plaques called cold spots. The cause of this defect is mainly the model temperature is too cold, more in the beginning of production or stop production occurs.
(6) protruding glass bottle with a thread protruding or protruding outwardly from the mouth. This is due to the fact that the parts of the model are not properly manufactured or are not properly fitted. The model is damaged, there is dirt on the joint surface, the top core is too late to enter the position before the frit has fallen into the early mold, it will make a part of the glass from the gap out or blow out.
(7) wrinkles wrinkles have a variety of shapes, some creases, some very thin wrinkles into pieces. The cause of the wrinkles is mainly due to the drop of the material, the droplet is too long, the droplet does not fall in the middle of the mold and sticks to the cavity of the cavity.
(8) surface defects The surface of the glass bottle hair, uneven, mainly due to the mold cavity table is not smooth caused. The model of the lubricating oil is not clean or oiled brushes are too dirty, but also the quality of the glass bottle surface.
(9) bubbles in the process of forming the bubble is often a few large bubbles or together with a number of small bubbles, and the glass itself is evenly distributed small bubbles are different.
(10) Scissors printed on the bottle due to poor shear and residual traces. A drop of hair often has two scissors printed, the above scissors printed on the bottom, affecting the appearance. http://www.home-plastic.com/

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