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The cup can indicate the identity of the beer

Update:11 Aug 2018

Exquisite cups like crafts are generally used for brand […]

Exquisite cups like crafts are generally used for brandy, especially cognac, the body of the central bulge, and generally only one-third of the height determines its important function is aroma. Its petite body shape indicates that the wine should have a "dangerous" degree that should be carefully tasted, and the relatively expensive price of the cup also indicates that the identity of the wine is not normal.

Therefore, it is more suitable for some high barley spirits, ice distillation blog, Imperial IPA, and a variety of barrel beer, they all have one thing in common: rich wine, rich layers, high degree, and high value.

In Eastern European countries, such as Czech Republic, the pub is basically monopolized by this type of cup. I believe you can also see its core: walking away from the heart, drinking at the end, drinking glass is clear and transparent, and there is almost no difference between the glass and the mug for drinking water. . Of course, this is indeed the case. The Czechs have already relied on this cup to drink the first world record of 142 liters of alcohol per year. The neighboring Austrians have not fallen to the wind. Their records have kept the German neighbors from catching up.

Pick up a 500 ml or 2000 ml mug, and fill the Czech classic Lager from light to dark, Vienna, Austria. While you are having a good time, you will end up and clink the cups. The wine from both sides of the cup will not be splashed into the other party's cup. Why not! Although according to local legends, this kind of convenient clinking glasses and splashing into the other party's cup design is a good strategy to guard against the other party's poisoning in the wine in the past, but the beautiful atmosphere brought by the clinking cups has long forgotten everything!


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