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The correct way to pour beer in glass

Update:21 Jul 2018

Like the Pilsen-type goblet, the tall and tapered desig […]

Like the Pilsen-type goblet, the tall and tapered design maximizes the cup. The traditional weizen method of pouring beer is to completely invert the bottle and pour the beer into the cup quickly to increase the amount of foam. Storing large amounts of beer and keeping it cool is a huge and arduous task. The lid protects the beer from bedbugs when it is booze in the outdoor beer garden. Pour classic pilsner, märzens, helles bocks, and munich beer into it.

Schnitt glasses was actively offered for drinks in the early 20th century. The white beer glass is perfect for strong beer, and the tapered design highlights the delicate finish of the bottle. The cloned straight cup is used to cool the "Cologne" brand beer (similar to British dark beer, but the body is cooler and thinner than the British dark beer). The Gnome beer mug is popular among the 18th and 19th century British aristocrats for super-strong October holiday beers and barley.

The correct way to pour beer is:

In the center of the glass, quickly pour the beer to half the height of the cup to create the right amount of foam. The way that slowly flows down the wall of the cup is too gentle, and the release of carbonic acid is insufficient, which not only masks the aroma of the hop, but also creates a feeling of fullness. It is too slow to pour, the foam is formed less and not lasting, and it is not good. Note that only half of it is left, leaving enough room for the foam.

Wait a moment, wait until the bubble is reduced and become tight before continuing. This process can be repeated several times.

Finally, slowly pour the beer to make the beer head rise, and it will be successful beyond the cup noodles!


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