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The cleaning process of different beer mugs

Update:19 Apr 2018

You need to understand the cleaning aspects and precaut […]

You need to understand the cleaning aspects and precautions of the beer mug.The beer mug is clean without any dead ends. During the cleaning process, the configured cleaning fluid must ensure contact with all parts of the pipeline, including all corners, joints, and devices. Some devices can be manually cleaned, such as wine tips, dispensers, but the vast majority must have the cleaning agent cleaned through the beer line.

Now, we use pressure drum immersion as an example to illustrate the cleaning process.

1.fill the cleaning bucket with clear water, remove the dispenser, and install it on the cleaning bucket.

2.open the handle of the wine and discharge the residual wine, and then discharge the clear water.

3.remove the dispenser on the cleaning tank and fill it with a 2%-3% caustic cleaning agent in advance.

4.reinstall the dispenser. Open the handle and let the alkaline cleaner top out the tank.

5.close the wine handle. Fill the FOB with a caustic cleaner to ensure that the interior is filled with cleaning fluid and drain from the drain.

6.remove the dispenser from the cleaning tank. Remove the head of wine for cleaning, and then put back the wine.

7.Empty the cleaning tank, wash the residue and fill it with clean water. Install the dispenser. Put on the wine and rinse with water until all the rinse is completely rinsed.

8.remove the dispenser on the cleaning tank and reinstall the beer tank. Try beer again until the liquor is clear.

This seems to describe a complex link. In fact, it is mainly to remove the dispenser, install the dispenser, and then unload and reload. In this process of unloading and reloading, with different uses of cleaning agents, according to the cleaning process, it is OK.


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