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The appearance of beer mugs are varied

Update:11 May 2018

Many people think beer is bold enough to drink the whol […]

Many people think beer is bold enough to drink the whole bottle, in fact, different types of beer to match with the beer cup to drink to show its appearance, taste and flavor of the best state. In addition to color and aroma, there is a major characteristic of beer is the bubble. Through the glass wall, we can better watch the beer's delicate white foam. Bubbles bubbled up and the good times flowed so slowly. Each beer mug has its own story, in addition to the appearance of a more practical use. Different beers have different brewing techniques, and choosing the correct beer glass determines the quality of the final taste.

The beer mugs have a capacity of 300-1500 ml and the appearance is also varied. The shape of the beer mug is closely related to the origin of the beer, the type of raw material, the production method, and the drinking method. In general, the drinker's hand should not touch the cup wall, so as not to affect the taste of the wine, so there will be a tall beer mug. Because of the large amount of beer consumed, the cup body has a large volume and a flat foot cup with a handle is also provided.

Start with the Pearson Beer Cup. Beer Pils Tulpe and Pils Pokal are commonly used for drinking Pilsner. Pils Tulpe's capacity is generally not more than 0.5L. The bottom-up tightened cup shape and thin glass wall make Pilsner beer taste better. The Pils Pokal's capacity is between 0.2L and 0.5L, and it is also the best partner of Pilsner beer with rich taste and saturated malt flavor. The wheat beer (Weißbier) is round and fruity and is also known as Ladies Beer. The matching beer mug is a taller, curved cup. Wheat beer mug capacity is generally 0.5L, just a full bottle of wine. When pouring wine, be careful not to be too fast, otherwise excessive foam will be produced. According to tradition, Kölsch beer is generally served in a Kölschstangen wine glass with a tall columnar shape and a thin glass wall. Since the Cologne beer will lose its original freshness and rich foam within a short time after it is played, the 0.2L capacity wine glass is for the sake of enjoying the freshness as soon as possible.



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