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Introduction of ancient ice bucket

Update:29 Jan 2018

   The ice bucket is a metal container filled with wate […]

   The ice bucket is a metal container filled with water to freeze it into ice cubes. Its main function is to make ice cubes. It is not a tool we usually use for ice bucket drinks or drinks. In ancient times it actually appeared early, when it is called ice Kam, both to preserve food and can radiate air conditioning, cooling effect is very good.
    The contemporary ice bucket is developed from the ancient ice Kam, ice Kam as an ancient invention, not only people think that people show the ancient life, but also show people's intelligence. Ice buckets were used as ice containers in ancient times. According to historical records, in ancient times, ice scrubs were only seen during the summer months. This also shows that ice was very precious in ancient times. At that time, ice and ice bucket now have a very big difference, the biggest difference is the production of different materials, most of the ancient materials made of ice are made of wood, and the mouth is generally larger under the small, from the appearance Up like a bucket.
    There are many small holes in the bottom of the ice, the main role of these holes is to drain, from a general view like a barrel, for ease of use, usually on both sides of the wooden ice will be provided with mention Ring, there is a cover above, open the double money hole, which has two roles, one is the role of handcuffs, so that an effect is the export of air-conditioning distribution, and most of the ice bucket present in the market are shown The shape of the cuboid, the material is generally stainless steel.


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