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How to use ice buckets better?

Update:12 Mar 2018

The general steps to use the ice bucket are as follows: […]

The general steps to use the ice bucket are as follows:
First, the operation of the ice bucket is without water and ice. Generally speaking, the amount of the two is equal. When we put the frozen bottle in the container, the amount of ice was doubled, and the amount of ice added in the summer was two times that in the winter.
Two, when adding water to the container, the water level should reach the bottle neck of the bottle, but the highest water level added to the water should not be higher than the distance from the ice bucket mouth to more than 6 centimeters.
Three, when setting time, there are usually 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes and so on. When choosing the right time period, we should according to the temperature of the liquid placed before the container.
Four, after the ice bucket is used, the power supply should be removed immediately. The ice and water in the container should be emptied in time, and the bucket is inverted to keep dry in the bucket.
Above is the general steps of using ice bucket. According to the above steps, the taste of frozen wine is excellent. Drinking in hot summer will add a little poetic flavor to your boring life.


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