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How to use ice bucket

Update:17 Aug 2017

1, ice bucket to be added to the water and ice to run, […]

1, ice bucket to be added to the water and ice to run, and the number of water and ice should be approximately equal. Add 300 to 600 g of ice when the bottle is cooled in the ice bucket. It is advisable to add 300 g of the amount in the winter and 600 g in the summer.
2, add tap water (cold water) to the bottleneck of the bottle position. But to ensure that the highest flat water position from the ice bucket mouth is 6 cm distance.
3, the correct power cord into the ice bucket and power outlet. And ensure that the power cord is safely inserted into the ice bucket.
4, set the timer to your selected time, select the range including 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes or 20 minutes. The longer the time, the better the cooling effect of wine. The shortest time is 5 minutes. The choice of time should depend on the temperature of the bottle before being put into the ice bucket.
5, the bottle into the ice bucket.
6, once the timer stops, please unplug the ice bucket power cord, and the ice bucket on the table, the glass should use the luminous cup or glass, so you can enjoy the ice wine.
7, you can continue to use ice bucket to cool other bottles, then add some water and ice, you can achieve the best cooling effect, you can save water and ice, drink with the slightest cold wine.
8, after use, unplug the power, and emptied the ice bucket of water and ice, and then inverted ice bucket, so that ice bucket inside dry. Easy to use next time.


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