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How to use ice bucket?

Update:10 Oct 2017

The general steps we use in actual ice buckets are as f […]

The general steps we use in actual ice buckets are as follows:
One, the operation of ice bucket can not do without water and ice, in general, the amount of the two are equal. When we put frozen bottles into containers, the amount of ice should be doubled, and in summer, ice will be added to two times as much as in winter.
Two, when adding water to the container, the water level should reach the bottleneck of the bottle, but the highest water level added to the water can not be higher than 6 cm away from the ice bucket mouth.
Three, in the time setting, generally have 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, etc., in the choice of the appropriate period of time, according to the temperature of the liquid placed in front of the container.
Four, after the use of ice bucket, you should immediately unplug the power, the container of ice and water should be emptied in time, the bucket upside down, control dry water, so that the barrel to keep dry.
These are the general steps of using ice buckets. Drinking in hot summer will add a little chill to your boring life.


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