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How to choose the right wine cup

Update:16 Oct 2017

   With the understanding of wine more and more profoun […]

   With the understanding of wine more and more profound, people also put a higher demand for wine glasses. As we all know, different styles of wine need to choose a different glass. However, in most cases, as long as the grasp of several priorities, we can also choose the right wine glasses to enjoy wine .
1, red and white wine selection of different glasses
For different types of wines should choose different varieties of wine glasses. Such as red wine glass should be greater than the white wine glass. Because the big glass can make the red wine full of sober, and white wine is no need to sober up. Another example is the wine of light wine - such as champagne need slender glass, so to ensure that the wine to maintain a lower temperature.
2, champagne and other sparkling wine selection tulip type glass
Sparkling wine is more suitable for women drinking, the use of occasions are also used for wedding and other romantic occasions. So with the glass should choose soft and delicate lines of champagne cups.
This glass can also make the sparkling bubbles rise in the rate of slow down, so you can enjoy the release of the sparkling wine flavor and aroma. If the cup is too big will lead to bubbles disappear too fast, the taste of wine will be faded.
3, choose a curling with a glass
A glass of curling always gives an elegant feeling. This is in line with the occasion of the slow, curling wine rolled up parts at the same time can also be a good guide to the whole body filling the mouth, to enhance the taste of wine.
4, the official banquet, the choice of slightly larger glass
In the formal banquet, the general selection of a larger glass, because it will allow the cup to have enough wine (4-6 ounces) to avoid constantly pouring wine, but also have enough space shake the cup sober.
5, tasting will be selected when the small and cheap glass
For the tasting of the glass generally do not need too expensive too beautiful. First of all, such a cup with a large amount, and easy to break; Second, the small cup is conducive to saving wine; third, small cup space, easy to clean.
6, excellent wine selection colorless clean and no decoration of the glass
For a good wine, be sure to use clean and colorless glass to serve wine, because the color or decorated with a glass of wine will often distract our attention, affecting the tasting of wine.
7, pick the right
Now a variety of online shop has a glass of sales, brand also fish head mixed, so in the purchase of glass, be sure to personally verify the glass model, cleanliness and so on.
8, choose to wash the cup wash cup
Choose to wash the cup cleaning device can save time and effort. Oil-free glass or even no detergent cleaning, and for the oil of the glass, as long as the addition of a small amount of detergent, after washing can naturally dry. For the crystal cup, it is recommended to use hand washing, matched with a small amount of detergent.


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