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Frosting glass bottle characteristics

Update:26 Sep 2017

    Frosting bottle, is the use of glass Frosting powde […]

    Frosting bottle, is the use of glass Frosting powder solution or other chemical raw materials on the surface of the glass bottle to deal with the formation of a hazy, noble and elegant visual effects, feel better than ordinary glass bottle, smooth. Compared to other types of packaging, Frosting bottles, whether in the practical or production process are unique advantages.
   In the effect, the frosted bottle is different from the gorgeous bright baked flowers, and no porcelain cold and deep, it is like a layer of thin fog shrouded in the bottle surface, implicitly release their own unique charm, beautiful and not publicity , In the pace of life is accelerating today, it can instantly feel a fresh and refined, quiet and quiet quiet Enron.
   Wine is particularly sensitive to the temperature, the wine bottle after Frosting, not only can quickly improve product quality, but also effectively prevent the light into the maximum extent to avoid the light of the wine reaction, can better guarantee the quality of wine, relative Extend the shelf life of wine.
   In the production process, the method of operation of the bottle Frosting is very simple, only need to clean the glass products immersed in Frosting liquid 1-3 minutes after the removal, cleaning can be dry, simple and easy to learn, Frosting low cost, considerable efficiency objective.


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