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Drinking lighter and bitter beer with new cups

Update:15 Jun 2018

Pint cups are cheap and easy to buy. The regular bar us […]

Pint cups are cheap and easy to buy. The regular bar uses a pint cup for easy storage and cleaning. The shape of the pint cup is approximately cylindrical with a slight vertebral body characteristic and the mouth is slightly larger. The pint is actually a unit of measure, 1 product is approximately 0.57L, and 1 product is approximately 0.47L.

There are 2 types of common pint cups. One is the American pint cup, which is mainly used to drink American Ale and Lager. The second is the English-style pint cup, with a raised circle in the cup. It was originally designed to prevent the cup from slipping out of the hand, and later became the baseline for pouring wine. British-style pint cups are mainly used in British-style Erlang and Bragg. In addition, there is a pint glass called English Dimpled Pint, which was very popular in the 1980s and gradually disappeared. Today, British pubs have begun to popularize such glasses, mainly for drinking lighter and bitter beer.

The flute is somewhat like a slender, slender goblet of Champagne. Its narrow shape makes it possible to stir up enough foam when pouring beer. Bubbles can be displayed better. Plus, if the beer is clear and bright, it will look very good. It is a glass that emphasizes visual effects. In addition, the tall design can also avoid the palms touching the cup to warm the beer. This kind of wine glass is mainly suitable for light-colored Al and Pearson beer with a transparent golden color.


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